Year In Review

This has been an exciting year for ON-SITE First Aid filled with fantastic clients and rapid growth! This year we trained almost three times as many clients as we trained in 2011, and we couldn’t be more grateful to all of the wonderful people we’ve worked with. Before the year comes to an end, let’s look back on the most memorable blog posts of this year:

January – Hockey For Heart
February – 5 Incredible Bandages For Every Ouchie
March – Hands-Only CPR
April – The Greatest Toaster On Earth
May – Don’t Believe Everything You See On TV
June – Getting (First Aid) Organized
July – Olli Lolli: Allergy Aware Kids Apparel
August – 1000!
September – Cooking With Allergies
October – Expert Guest Post: Top 10 Tips for a Safe & Healthy Pregnancy
November – November is CPR Month!
December – How to Keep Cool This Holiday Season

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

There’s no better time to refresh your lifesaving skills. Contact us directly to set up an in-home, in-studio or in-office session today!

The Time for Giving

At ON-SITE First Aid & CPR Training Group, we’re so thankful to have had such an exciting and productive year! As part of our commitment to health and wellness education, we have made donations to a few important causes.  

Together we’re spreading the first aid love! ❤ 


Emergency Essentials

“This gift comes jam-packed with all the essentials needed for survival in an emergency situation. For people who have lost everything, Plan will help provide shelter and household necessities to protect and nourish their families. With high-energy food rations that supply all of the nutritional requirements necessary for survival, water purfication tablets, blankets, tarps and health and hygiene supplies, as well as medical supplies such as bandages, gauze and antiseptics, the gift of Emergency essentials will provide families with the supplies they need so they can focus on rebuilding their lives.”

4 Newborn Checkups

With this gift, you’re supporting the important work of community health workers who visit newborn babies and their mothers within the critical first 3 days of the baby’s birth. These workers ensure the baby is thriving and growing, and the mother is healthy and recovering well from delivery. They offer everything from breastfeeding support to basic, but essential, advice on caring for a newborn. In communities where health care centres and services are difficult to access and maternal and newborn mortality rates are far too high, this gift saves lives.” 

Motorcycle Ambulance

“While it may not look like what we’d call an ambulance, in Tanzania this motorcycle-powered ambulance saves lives. For people living in remote communities without healthcare services, this gift is a lifeline: it brings healthcare workers to isolated villages and it carries people from those villages to community health centres, where they can get the help they need to heal so they can get back to living their lives.”


Have a wonderful holiday season &
e look forward to working with you in the new year!  


Yours Truly,

Diana & the ON-SITE Team


To donate to Plan Canada or purchase a Gift of Hope, please visit their website:

How to Keep Your Cool This Holiday Season

Today’s guest post comes from a good friend and (grounded yogini!), Lisa Kitteringham. Lisa teaches a variety of yoga classes (including aerial yoga) and dance-inspired classes in Toronto, ON. She has studied extensively in Canada, as well as abroad in India. She is an amazing person and I hope you feel inspired to stay calm and confident this holiday season. Enjoy!

Lisa Kitteringham –

There are a million-and-one things to do in any given week, and the upcoming holiday season is no exception. With all of the extra commitments and responsibilities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and irritable. Follow these easy tips and you’ll have it all under control – and maybe even enjoy the season!

1. Take the time to organize and plan ahead, and include downtime for yourself.

The more that you can plan ahead, the smoother the prep will go for your various parties and holiday commitments. Make sure to take into account outfits, potluck items, home decoration, dinner preparation, babysitting, and especially your own downtime. If you leave it until the end, it will never happen – so schedule a mani-pedi, a massage, a yoga class or even just a bubble bath and stick to your schedule. If you’re relaxed you’ll be more efficient and effective and you’ll enjoy the holiday celebrations instead of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.

2. Delegate, and make your expectations clear.

Here is where you ask yourself what your time is worth, and where it is spent in the most valuable way. Groceries can be delivered at minimal cost and gifts can be wrapped in shops and malls. What is unnecessary for you to do by hand? Can the neighbour’s kids walk the dog? Can you buy anything pre-made to cut down on dinner prep time? Include these considerations in your organizing stage and you’ll be well-prepared even if surprises come up (which they will).

3. Make nourishing yourself a top priority.

Along with scheduling in a decent amount of me-time, make sure you’re drinking enough water (it’s great for your skin, your hair, and all of your internal organs) and eating regular meals of healthy, natural food. Cut out the caffeine after 3 pm to ensure you’re getting proper, deep sleep every night.

4. Try a couple of restorative yoga poses throughout your day.

Take 5 minutes and lie in Savasana (lying on your back, feet apart, palms up, eyes closed) and just breathe. Or revitalize your system with a gentle inversion – try Legs Up the Wall (lying on your back on a mat or blanket with your legs propped on the wall, bent or straight) or this heart-opening pose: lie on the your bed with the edge of the mattress just under your shoulder blades and your head and shoulders hanging off the bed. Splay your arms out to your sides and inhale deeply, filling your chest and belly with air. Use this pose whenever you need a little extra energy!

5. Breathe. 

Whenever you think of it (how about right now?) take 10 (or 5, or 2) deep, conscious breaths in and out through your nose – just notice how the breath feels moving into your body and where you feel movement from your breath. This little bit of mindfulness will relax you and move your nervous system into parasympathetic reactions – where healing, growth, digestion and maintenance happens. We could all use a little bit more of that!


Have a safe, sane and happy holiday season!


ON-SITE’s Elf on the Shelf!

Let’s see what our Elf on the Shelf is up to this December…

He’s diligently studying first aid treatment

He’s in a bit of a sticky situation…

Push hard & push fast, little elf!


Be calm, be confident and think common sense!

If our elf can learn first aid & CPR, you can too. There’s no better time to refresh your lifesaving skills. Contact us directly to set up an in-home, in-studio or in-office session today!