How to Supplement Your First Aid Kit for Your Furry Friend

It goes without saying that every household, workplace and (ideally) every car, has a first aid kit. It doesn’t have to be a elaborate, but it should contain the basic necessities to stop bleeding with sterile gauze, clean a wound on the go and include gloves for basic self-protection.


When we have pets at home, it’s not always obvious that we should also have first aid supplies on-hand to treat their potential wounds too. Here is a list of items to help you supplement your home first aid kit for your furry friend:

  1. Muzzle/triangular bandage (a hurt animal can be very dangerous if not muzzled)
  2. E-collar (cone)
  3. Rolls of gauze
  4. Water-resistant cloth medical tape (the only kind of tape that will stick to fur)
  5. Coban 3M Self-Adherent Wrap – Vet-wrap (this becomes the outside of the bandage that will hold it all together)
  6. Nylons/pantyhose (a section of pantyhose will help keep head bandages in place)

If you are in the Toronto area and you would like to host a Family First Aid session (including first aid for your furry friends) please contact us. We’ll show you how to use all of the above items to treat your entire family safely, including your family members with floppy ears and tails!

Be calm, be confident & think common sense!


There’s no better time to refresh your lifesaving skills. Contact us directly to set up an in-home, in-studio or in-office session today!

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