First Aid Super Tip #5


It’s no secret that my favourite item in any first aid kit is the triangular bandage. These helpful pieces of cloth are the perfect shape, size and strength to be incredibly versatile – from tying slings to putting pressure on a wound to becoming a makeshift muzzle for an injured dog. Here is my favourite ‘triangular trick’ taught to me by one of our fabulous instructors, Camilla Szczepkowski:

First Aid Super Tip #5: Tie a small knot in the corner (or the point, as shown below) of your triangular bandage. This knot will create a pocket for the victim’s elbow to rest in and this will save you from having to fuss around with a safety pin during a stressful emergency situation.

Triangular bandages are not wrapped in sterile packaging, so don’t be afraid to take them out of their packaging as soon as you get them and tie a knot in each one. This will save you precious time if you ever need to use it in a first aid emergency.


As always, be calm, be confident & think common sense!


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