Pop Culture First Aid #5: CPR

Throughout the month of May we have looked at first aid & CPR in pop culture (and why you should never believe what you see on TV!). There are some awesome examples on the big screen, the small screen and in music.

The last pop culture post this month is about CPR and I’ve saved the best for last!


Mr. Bean is an iconic character that I loved watching as a child, but it just so happens that he is the LAST person I would want helping me in an emergency (and here’s why)! You should not learn first aid & CPR from Mr. Bean. He’s awful. He’s a crafty good samaritan, but an unskilled lifesaver. (Maybe with a little ON-SITE First Aid training he’d be ready to go?!)


In order to help Mr. Bean improve his skills while waiting for the bus, I have created this 1-page PDF all about Hands-Only CPR that anyone can learn in a couple of minutes. Also check out this funny video to reinforce the Hands-Only CPR concepts.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.39.12 AM

As always, be calm, be confident and think common sense!


Do you have a Mr. Bean in your life? There’s no better time to refresh your lifesaving skills. If you’re in the Toronto area, contact us directly to set up an in-home, in-studio or in-office session today!



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