First Aid Super Tip #9

Broken limbs cannot be planned for, and as much as we hope that we’ll have a beautifully stocked first aid kit at the ready, this isn’t always the case. In a pinch, use anything with a stable straight edge to support the injured limb.

First Aid Super Tip #9: If your victim has a broken leg, circumstances dictate that you have to move them and you don’t have a first aid kit with splints available, tie one leg to the other. The non-injured leg will act as a splint in a pinch and will allow for easier transport of the victim  (although they should ideally stay put and let help come to them, especially if the injury is severe).


Be calm, be confident and think common sense!


There’s no better time to refresh your lifesaving skills. If you are in the Toronto area, contact us directly to set up an in-home, in-studio or in-office session today!



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